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One of Kigali’s most relaxing and reliable spots for beauty care. Located in the popular and burgeoning neighborhood of Kimihurura, the Center is surrounded by lush gardens and offers a calm respite from the bustling city. Our treatments are a form of relaxation and enjoyment for the body and soul. All services are completed with only premium, imported products by well-trained, service-oriented staff. We believe beauty has a soul and, like all of us, she needs some rest too. Prepare yourself to be pampered at Zenora, where European standards meet African care.

Our Services

Relax the Body & Mind
What better way to relax than getting a premium massage in a peaceful and serene environment? Come get pamper and learn to enjoy life at its finest.
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Intensifying the beauty of your face.
We take a full spectrum approach by caring for the face in order to improve the skin. Our treatments are based upon each individual’s needs and skin types.
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Great looking, silky smooth skin.
Premium, professional waxing that will rid you of unwanted hair in unwanted places. Our beauticians take the utmost care in protecting the health and elasticity of the skin.
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Finest Nail Care
Painting the nails is a work of art for us. Our therapists are artists who strive to consistently create a masterpiece on our clients’ fingers and toes.
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Long pampering for full rejuvenation.
Or the ideal gift for all occasions! Our packages offer maximum pampering for a reduced price. Don’t think twice about experiencing bliss and peacefulness.
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People love what we do.
Well-being is our number one priority. Feel free to have a look at what our clients have said about their experience at Zenora Wellness Center.
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We only use the best products

We only use the best products

Greatness and beauty do not belong to the gods alone.

Greatness and beauty do not belong to the gods alone.


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