What to do when stress strikes and flares your skin

What to do when stress strikes and flares your skin

When a person is stressful the skin typically flares up with acne and other skin conditions. This happens when one is under pressure with adverse effects on the complexion and skin. As the body responds to stress, the flow of blood and oxygen is directed to critical areas to deal with the risen problem. As a result, oxygen and blood is withdrawn from such areas as the skin. Oxygen and blood starved skin suffers clogged pores leading to breakouts.

The skin becomes almost lifeless, dull and dehydrated. Essentially, stress brings about a chemical response that in turn makes the skin reactive and very sensitive. Skin problems cannot heal on their own in such a state. For those with skin problems, stress has a way of making them worse, such as eczema, rosacea and psoriasis. Other flare ups caused by stress include fever blisters, diverse kinds of skin rashes and hives. Of course, there’re diverse ways of dealing with skin problems caused by stress, but that’s not the whole story.

Heal the mind first

Stress affects the mind and before getting the skin right, deal with the head first. Stress brought about by the pressure of modern life makes it hard to relax and concentrate. Happiness disappears and living every single day becomes a disturbing affair that sucks the little joys we all deserve now and then. Before you turn up in a beauty salon and spend an entire day enjoying relaxing treatments, you must let your mind relax first. Here’s how you can remove stress from your mind.

Identify stress source/be honest with yourself

Lots of stress is caused by worrying about tomorrow and what the future will be. It’s important to identify the source of your stress before you find a remedy. Be honest with yourself by remembering that worrying all night and all day doesn’t change anything. Anxiety doesn’t help at all and living in the future or the past makes relaxing an elusive dream. Learn to think about the present moment and leave out those things you cannot change now out of your mind.

Mind your surroundings

Clearly, stress and mental state are affected by the environment as well. We’re not always conscious about the effect our surroundings have on us yet we probably have noticed when we’re around some people, a specific room or location we’re always at peace. If it’s the clutter in your house that makes relaxing hard, clean the room and create the most pleasant environment where your mind is able to loosen up. This also applies for your work environment and cleaning it up and spending a few dollars on flowers and air fresheners can make it both relaxing and highly productive area.

Avoid the lure of procrastination

Pressure at work or home will cause stress. To relax and remove stress you don’t have to spend all day doing nothing, such as walking and basking on the beach. Learn to relax your mind even in the center of a storm at work or home when daily tasks are messing up your mind. The idea is to relax no matter what you’re doing and not to procrastinate, which is even more depressing since some duties will remain unattended to.

Change your routine and find time for yourself

If you have a family or have a busy routine on a daily basis at work you probably have zero time to pamper yourself. You can find time or some day and treat yourself to a weekend getaway by evading busy phone calls and email enquiries among other things. Pressure will always build up if we allow it and relaxing becomes really hard.

Avoiding stress in its entirety is really hard but can be dealt with it. Other approaches that help deal with stress include:

  • Regular exercise is great for the entire body including the skin.
  • Never neglecting the skin whether stressed, pressured up or tired.
  • Practice techniques for stress management such as meditation, yoga, visual imagery and breathing exercises.
  • Get a relaxing and enough sleep about 7-8 hours every night on average.
  • Set boundaries and limits and say no to requests and demands to decrease pressure.
  • Always have a person to talk to, particularly if still single such as an expert therapist, family member or friend.
  • Drink clean water to hydrate the skin and if your skin is extremely dry adequate hydrating lotion should be used.

Pamper the skin

Now that you have dealt with your mind the skin flare ups and skin problems brought about by stress also need a remedy. Apart from hydrating the skin with a soothing lotion and drinking lots of water a beauty salon is the ultimate getaway to help you forget daily hassles and pressure as you learn to listen to your mind and body.

You’ll find lots of pampering care and treatments that suit virtually every individual, from the top to the toe, such as body wraps, pedicures, manicures, waxing, facials, stone therapies, clarifying back cleanses, aromatherapy indulgences, reflexology, aromatic back massages, paraffin wraps among others.

Remember relaxing pampering can easily be personalized through the combination of different choices of beauty treatments for the perfect indulgence that’ll help you to unwind. Zenora Wellness Center has specific therapies aimed at reducing the different skin problems and breathing issues brought about by stress. All these pampering treatments are available for both men and women and you can have your own customized treatment that’ll effectively leave you relaxed and skin problems catered for.

A beauty salon run by professionals has the expert advice you need in case you have no idea on how to deal with different skin issues, especially those brought about by stress. You only need to ask.