Top 5 reasons to get a deep tissue massage in Kigali

Top 5 reasons to get a deep tissue massage in Kigali

There has long been a belief in cultures around the world that a massage is much more than just relaxing. It may bring about changes in the body and work as therapy for various health problems. Deep tissue massage is such a type of massage therapy that offers great health benefits, some of which has scientific evidence to back it. Many people use this kind of massage as an alternative therapy for several health problems.

Here is a look at five reasons to get a deep tissue massage in Kigali:

1. Deep tissue massage relieves pain

In deep tissue massage, the massage therapist gives attention to stiff, painful “trouble spots” in the body. Slow strokes are used to apply pressure on specific layers of tendons, muscles and deep tissues under the skin. It is not as rhythmic as other types of massage, but a lot of people have shown positive responses to deep tissue massage. It is known to bring relief from back pain and other muscle injuries as well as chronic tension-type pain.

A 2014 study found that deep tissue massage could relieve heel pain due to plantar heel pain syndrome. It could also be used against tennis-elbow, lower back pain etc. for pain management. It has proven to be very successful against fibromyalgia as there have been studies that support the massage’s benefits to fibromyalgia patients.

2. Deep tissue massage restores normal movement

Our massage therapist works by applying pressure to the stiffened connective tissues or fascia that connects muscles, organs and soft structures in the body. This stiffening or rigidity in the fascia can disrupt blood flow, cause inflammation, pain, and limit movement. The massage breaks down the stiffness and helps to restore normal movement in that part of the body.

3. Deep tissue eases stress

Stress is a killer and using massage to battle it is common. Deep tissue massage, in particular, can help to lower stress levels and improve overall health. Many people believe that stress is strictly psychological, but that is not always the case. During stress response, the heart rate and blood pressure goes up because blood vessels constrict. Rest and relaxation is essential, and massage is believed to lower stress response by lowering heart rate and blood pressure.

4. Deep tissue massage rehabilitates injury

Many athletes and sportspersons depend on deep tissue massage therapy to stretch connective tissue, improve circulation and break down adhesions that can help to heal injuries like repetitive strain injury, falls, whiplash, and others. It may also help to release more nitrogen, sulfur and phosphorus, which are needed for proper healing.

5. Deep tissue massage helps with postural problems

Poor posture is often the result of stiffness in the joints, weakness of muscles, poor core stability, poor ergonomics at work, a sedentary lifestyle and so on. Along with lifestyle changes to improve posture, one can use these massages to stretch out the rigid fascia of the body. This will help improve blood circulation to the muscles and relax your body into its natural posture. Breaking the habit of a bad posture can become easier when you’re also simultaneously working on strengthening your muscles with exercises.