What to expect when visiting a spa in Kigali

What to expect when visiting a spa in Kigali

A life without a fair share of new experiences is a life half-lived. And one of the best treats you can accord yourself today is by booking an appointment with a spa therapist. It helps a lot if they are located in a foreign or exotic part of the world where you have to take a break from the routine drudgery of life and indulge in a well-earned pleasurable experience. This notwithstanding, it is likely that you will be a little nervous about your first spa visit. But, worry not. We are here to dispense your fears as you walk through the corridors that lead to the best Spa in Kigali.

Schedule your appointment according to your Preference

Booking a date with a spa masseuse is not enough if it’s your first visit to a Spa in Kigali. It is also important to select or schedule the time you feel would be appropriate for the session and whether you would prefer a female or male therapist. After checking in at the facility, the first thing would be to proceed to a comfortably furnished dressing room and put away any distractions such as cell phones and laptops and switch your regular clothes for silky, cozy bathrobes. Feel free to take your time; this is done to give you some time to blend in the new environment.

Indulge yourself in top-of-the-line spa amenities

Having cast away your outside world problems, it is now time to make the best of numerous spa amenities that you will stumble upon here. If you want to take some time to meditate alone in silence, you can request for a designated quiet room where you can be alone with your thoughts for several minutes. Alternatively, if you are on a group date, then a social chat room can be a good pick. Use this time to also take a long shower before proceeding to the treatments area.

Meet your therapist

After the rejuvenating shower, it is now time to meet the therapist. This will most probably be the lounge bay area. They will then lead you to a private room where your relaxing and detoxification treatment can begin. At this juncture, it is advisable to relax and enjoy the session. Feel free to make a conversation with them if need be, though. Remember, you can speak up anytime if you feel uncomfortable with anything during your treatment session.

The Bottom Line

A visit to a leading Spa in Kigali might be just what you need to re-align and re-calibrate your life bearings. And if not this, you can always workout at the gym, detox at the sauna or request a full body afternoon massage.