Salon near me

Day trip to a nail salon near me

Whenever I have a day off, I do one thing and one thing only. I get pampered. After all, I can run errands or make phone calls any time! So I make it all about me. I start by finding a nail salon near me, then I plan my day around that.

Where is the best nail salon near me?

That’s easy. When I first moved to Kigali I spent a while looking for the right nail salon near me. I compared them based on 3 criteria:

1. Professionalism.
2. Value.
3. Customer care.

The third one is especially important, for me anyway. Because sometimes I’ve found a nail salon near me that’s pretty cheap and I give it a try. And sure, they do an ok job. But I don’t get that feeling of pure relaxation that I’m looking for. I want to have the best attention possible when I go for my treatment. And that’s why the top nail salon near me has got to be Zenora Wellness Spa.

What’s so great about Zenora?

Well, for one, the staff are really welcoming. I’m made to feel at home straight away! Another reason is the setting. It has gorgeous gardens all around; they make me forget my stressful week and feel completely at peace. Finally, the therapists are great at what they do, and totally worth the money! Zenora may be a nail salon near me but even if it wasn’t, I’d go the extra distance.

What’s involved in a treatment?

Let me paint you a picture, a typical day at the nail salon near me, if you will.


I go for a long, lingering breakfast in RZ Manna. This is an amazing bakery that offers up great coffee and mouth-watering pastries…mmm…


Time for my treatment! Since I’ve found a great nail salon near me, I don’t have to go very far. So minutes after finishing my coffee and baked goodies, I’m entering the lush green environs of Zenora.

I’m greeted by the friendly receptionist and ushered into the treatment area. There, I can choose my polish color and whether I’d like nail art applied. I usually go for the Deluxe option so I get a lovely massage, too!


After my treatment, I sit out on the terrace with a cup of herbal tea. I make the time at this nail salon near me last as long as possible, before I go back to the ‘real world’!


On my way home, I stop off for lunch in one of Kigali’s great restaurants. The perfect end to my morning!

So whether you’re living in or just visiting Kigali, you don’t need to Google “nail salon near me”. Save yourself the effort and head straight to Zenora instead. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did. 😉

This guest post was written by Sarah, a consultant who has lived in Kigali for two years.