Kigali Airport is fresh and growing

Kigali Airport is fresh and growing

In order to start a trip of a lifetime, it’s important to have access to the country itself. Rwanda has one of the very best airports in Africa, and Kigali Airport is new and refreshing. It’s amazing how much airports have changed around the world since the turn of the 21st century. Let’s explore some of the best things about Kigali Airport, since it is fresh and growing.

Architecture & Design

The first thing that you will notice about Kigali Airport is the cool paint job on the outside. It looks more like an artistic installation with local roots than an airport terminal. Inside, the updated look of the airport is modern and familiar to international travellers. Polished marble, organised queues, and professional staff mark this airport apart.

Kigali Airport is an international hub on many lines that connect the world. In just 2004, there were fewer than 200K passengers for the airport. In recent years the government of Rwanda invested more than $50 million to improve the services available as well as provide for passenger comfort. As a result of the investment in making it a first-class airport, Kigali Airport is now ranked the 2nd-best in Africa and the 3rd fastest-growing for the continent. After the upgrade work, the airport now serves 600,000 passengers per year [video]. It is still growing!

International Connections

Despite being a relative newcomer to the international scene, Kigali Airport is well-connected. Major carriers such as Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, SN Brussels Airlines, and Kenya Airways all have daily flights to and from the airport. Passengers can spread out around the world with ease, reaching Dubai, Mumbai, Brussels, or even London. Rwandair, the national airline, sometimes offers special deals to various destinations with prices that are quite competitive [Rwandair Deals].

The terminals themselves have been recently updated. Kigali Airport now has free Wifi in the waiting areas, and fully-modernised security. In the waiting areas there is a cafe and duty-free section to kill time. There is also a business-class lounge for waiting, but those with economy class tickets can purchase an entrance ticket for reasonable prices.

Kigali Airport To the City Center

It’s very easy to get into the city of Kigali itself from the airport. A taxi can either be arranged ahead of time through your accommodation, or you can get a taxi directly in front of Kigali Airport. The price for the ride should be less than $20 US. Avoid mentioning the names of fancy hotels and give a landmark nearby if you haven’t fixed the price yet. This can sometimes help you avoid raised prices.

You’ll find that Kigali Airport is fresh and growing, whether you plan to visit soon or in a few years. The development of a new airport has recently received more funding, and will have local firms working with a major European company. The new airport will soon have capacity for 1.6 million passengers per year. This will mean more transport links from Rwanda to the world, and from you to Rwanda!