Nail a great manicure in Kigali

Nail a great manicure in Kigali

Are you a nail biter? A cuticle neglecter? A hand cream newbie? Then you’ve probably never had a manicure in Kigali. And there go your dreams of being a hand model, right?

Not quite. Because with a little attention from the right people, even your fingers can become fabulous!

It’s time for a manicure in Kigali

Pamper those paws and book a treatment in our relaxing spa, thoughtfully hidden in beautiful gardens within the neighborhood of Kimihurura. As your first manicure in Kigali begins, enjoy the peace and quiet away from busy city life. Feel the sensation of warm water as your hands are allowed to soak and the bliss of the massage that follows.

After settling in, start to spruce up

The next stage of your manicure in Kigali will be to remove any existing polish you have before one of our professional beauticians files, shapes and buffers your nails.

We’ll apply advanced cuticle care treatments for longer-lasting results, plus nourishing oils to moisturise and encourage growth. The products we use are of the highest quality and we apply them with the care, attention and precision you deserve.

So as your manicure in Kigali continues, watch the transformation that takes place – already, your hands have formed a fresher, prettier blank canvas!

How far are you willing to go?

Maybe you’re new to the world of hand and nail treatments…and the Classic is enough for you this time. Or maybe you’ve got enough tips showing to rock a French manicure in Kigali. If that’s the case, c’est magnifique! Or you might want to go all out and treat yourself to the Deluxe manicure – this involves a gorgeous cleansing scrub that will leave you feeling extra pampered. Highly recommended, especially if you’re having a bad day and you need your manicure in Kigali to give you a special boost.

Ready, set, paint!

With your nails looking healthier and less like some sort of special effect from a scary movie, it’s time to add a splash of color. That’s right, when you go for a manicure in Kigali, you get the works!

Choose from our range of long-lasting lacquer shades and watch as your hands become works of art.

Go for a manicure in Kigali frequently, say every two weeks or once a month, and you’ll start seeing even more dramatic results. Your hands will be softer, your nails will be stronger and longer, and there will be no tempting hangnails to get your teeth into. Just pretty palms that any hand model would be proud of!

So the next time you’re waving hello, or handing over cash, or (gasp!) trying on an engagement ring, you don’t need to be embarrassed.

Because you’ll have visited one of the top places for a manicure in Kigali. And you’ll have nailed it!