Step into the perfect pedicure

Step into the perfect pedicure

Our feet see a lot of action. Pounding pavements while shopping, getting wet while walking, being squashed into uncomfortable shoes – and yet, despite all the tough times we put them through, we often forget to reward them. So why not pamper them from time to time? A pedicure is a great way to start.

What’s so great about getting a pedicure, anyway?

Good question. The answer is a lot! Taking time out of your week for a pedicure will leave you feeling relaxed and pampered throughout the session – plus it’ll give you a spring in your step for ages afterwards! After all, a pedicure isn’t just about looking great, it’s about feeling great too.

Sounds good. But what does it involve?

Much more than a quick polish, that’s for sure. Depending on what kind of treatment you choose – between Classic, French or Deluxe – different options will be available. However, all involve a soothing foot wash, a relaxing foot massage and an application of luxury nail polish. Our highly experienced beauticians will also take great care of your nails by shaping, buffering and oiling them. The result? Healthy-looking toes and a perfect pedicure that lasts longer.

How often should I get a pedicure?

To be honest, that really depends on your lifestyle. For instance, if you play a lot of sports or are into hiking, your feet probably take the brunt of all this activity. Your nails may get chipped more easily and your polish will likely start to come off after a couple of weeks. In this case, we’d recommend a pedicure every fortnight.

However, if you are less active and slightly kinder to your feet, one treatment a month should do the trick. Since we only use the highest-quality products at Zenora Wellness Spa, your polish should last much longer than one you might apply yourself.

Still, there is no rule regarding how often you need a pedicure – if you really love the experience you can always get one every week!

Should I still get a pedicure in the rainy season?

The quick answer is yes. Why? Because a pedicure does much more than make your feet look pretty. It increases blood flow, which is really important in colder temperatures. Plus, it improves circulation. So if your feet are trapped all day in tights and boots, a pedicure gives them the break they need. Finally, if your toenails have been properly shaped, you’ll end up ripping less pair of tights than you normally do.

Ok. You’ve converted me. So what’s next?

Glad to hear it! All that’s left to do now is to book a treatment at Zenora Wellness Spa. Enjoy being pampered and get ready to put your best foot forward!