Get more out of your day spa experience

Get more out of your day spa experience

When you are longing for the serenity of a spa break but do not have time for an extended visit, a day spa can hold the answer.

Press pause on your busy life and allow yourself to retreat – away from stresses, outside of worries and into yourself.

You might only have a few hours to spend in your day spa so it is important to maximise your relaxation time. Fortunately, Zenora Wellness Spa offers a range of options that caters to all interests – so your precious time in your day spa will never go wasted.

What we offer

You can choose from one of three set packages or customize your own – whatever will help your day spa experience be all the more special. The Harmony package is designed to relax and pamper, and includes a Berber Massage plus a Classic Manicure and Pedicure.

The Vitality package will revitalise and reinvigorate a tired mind and body, with a Facial Radiance, a Deluxe Manicure and a Deluxe Pedicure on the menu to ease any stress or tension.

For a truly special day spa treat, for yourself or a loved one, why not book a Bliss package? Melt into a Relaxing Massage, followed by a Facial Radiance. Enjoy a Deluxe Manicure and Pedicure combination. Leave feeling and looking your very best after an eyebrow and under-arm wax, provided by a team of highly trained beauticians. The Bliss package is worthy of royalty, and it represents your chance to spoil yourself.

When to visit

If you have a special occasion coming up – like a birthday, an anniversary or a wedding – a day spa trip is an ideal way to celebrate. You might also want a ‘girls day’ with your closest friends, or even just some quality alone time, a chance to reconnect with yourself.

Because although it is nice to mark these special occasions, it is also wonderful to simply treat yourself now and again – and a day spa visit to Zenora Wellness Spa provides the perfect opportunity.

We recommend coming to our day spa on a weekday, if possible. These often quieter times will allow you to truly appreciate the peaceful garden setting of our Spa. Arrive early and spend time soaking up the tranquil surroundings before your treatments. And afterwards, why not go for lunch in the popular neighbourhood of Kimihurura? Stretch out your day spa experience for as long as you can, and the benefits for your mind, body and soul will last even longer.

What to bring to the Day Spa

You do not need much to enjoy a blissful day spa visit. We will look after you and provide everything you could possibly need. If you have a favourite book, bring that – or, if you want to bring your close friends to share the experience, bring them along instead. Above all, bring a willingness to leave outside worries at the door. This is your time to relax and to be kind to yourself. Enjoy every moment of your day spa experience.