What to expect from a full body massage

What to expect from a full body massage

Getting a massage is one of the best presents we can give – to a loved one or to ourselves. But if you have never before experienced the pleasure of a full body massage, you might feel nervous about this treatment. However, there is no need to worry, because enjoying a full body massage is one of the best things you can do for your body, mind and soul.

Here are some common questions and concerns you might have in advance:

What does a full body massage involve?

The treatment usually begins with you lying face down on the massage table. Your therapist will begin on your legs, asking you how the pressure is and whether you would prefer it to be softer or firmer, before working his/her way up to your back. A good portion of the full body massage is spent here, as we carry so much tension in our backs, necks and shoulders. By working essential oils into some of the pressure points in this area, you’ll feel the knots start to melt away.

You’ll be asked to turn over about halfway through your full body massage, so that you’re lying on your back. Your therapist will then massage the fronts of your calves and thighs before moving onto your hands, arms and chest – if you haven’t fallen asleep by this stage, it’s likely you will now.

Your treatment ends with a brief head and face massage; soothing any remaining tension away and leaving you in a state of pure bliss.

What if I embarrass myself?

Some people are nervous about getting a full body massage because they believe they’ll get a fit of the tickles and inadvertently kick their therapist…or end up snoring and accidentally drool all over the table. But fear not, these are common massage worries and you are not alone in having them. The main thing to remember is that your therapist is a professional and will do everything in his/her power to put you at ease. So trust in the expertise of the people looking after you and your full body massage will be all the more special.

What should I wear?

Usually your therapist will instruct you to strip down to your underwear before your full body massage begins. Most of the time you will remove your bra too; however, if you are not comfortable with this, simply let your therapist know. You will be given time and privacy to undress, plus a towel or sheet to cover yourself with while you wait for the therapist to re-enter the room.

What if it is too painful?

Your full body massage should be personalized to suit your needs. So if at any stage you find the pressure too much, do not feel as if you have to endure it. Simply ask your therapist to reduce the pressure and he/she will be happy to continue with a gentler touch. The reverse is also true – if you find your full body massage is too soft at any point, ask for it to be firmer.

In summary, there is no need to be nervous about getting a full body massage. Trust in your therapist, speak up if you need to and enjoy the experience.

It may be your first full body massage but chances are, it won’t be your last.