How to choose the right massage in Kigali

How to choose the right massage in Kigali

Ever had a massage in Kigali? If not, here’s why you should really consider going for one soon:

Getting a massage in Kigali is a great idea

As we all know, going for a massage is one of the most nourishing, rejuvenating things you can do. Massages ease your body, clear your mind and soothe your soul… So why don’t we treat ourselves to one more often?

“I don’t have time”, or “It’s too expensive”, or even “I’m too shy” are some excuses for dodging such a treat. But honestly, if you substitute your next fancy lunch out for a massage in Kigali instead, you’re doing yourself a big favour.

Give those muscles a break

Our sinewy friends make up almost half our body weight. They do a lot of work, even when we’re doing something seemingly less arduous, like sitting and typing.

Our advice? Give those tight spots a well-deserved holiday. Unclench that jaw, loosen those shoulders and melt into a wonderful massage in Kigali.

You’ll emerge feeling relaxed and replenished, prior stresses banished (even if only temporarily).

The occasional massage in Kigali is definitely a treat you can afford. What’s more, regular massages have all sorts of physical and mental long-term benefits, from improving blood circulation to reducing anxiety.

Convinced yet? You should be.

Top 3 things to consider

When booking a massage in Kigali, bear the following questions in mind:

Do you want a full-body treatment?

There’s nothing quite like having aches and pains soothed from every part of your body – but it’s not for everyone. Some people have ticklish feet; others prefer for their therapist to dedicate more time to their back, neck and shoulders.

We all have different needs, and your massage in Kigali should cater to yours.
Should you go for a firm or gentle massage?

If you’d like a relaxing massage in Kigali – the kind that’ll send you into slumberland – an aromatherapy massage is a great choice. Special scented oils are gently applied to maximise relaxation and soothe all your senses into oblivion. Mmmm…

Alternatively, if you have an injury that you’d like taken care of (or you just want a more thorough rubdown), we recommend going for a deep tissue massage. In this treatment, certain areas are can be concentrated on according to the client’s preference, with deeper massage techniques applied.

Is it time for something new?

Chances are, at some point in your life, you’ve had a massage in Kigali or further afield. And maybe you keep going for the same style, without ever branching out into alternative options.

If this is the case, and you’ve never experienced the joy of a hot stone massage in Kigali, you’ve been missing out on something truly special. Heated stones are used all over the body during the treatment, resulting in a deeply calming and surrendering experience that helps with muscle ache and fatigue.

Hopefully now you understand the benefits of getting a massage in Kigali – and which kind is right for you.

At Zenora Wellness Spa, we have a range of options to suit your body and your budget. Relax in our lush garden setting, enjoy the skills of our highly trained therapists and rest assured that you’ve come to one of the premier places for a massage in Kigali.