The secret to great nail art

The secret to great nail art

Our hands tell a story. The kind of work we do, whether it’s manual labour or more of an office gig, whether we live in warmer or cooler climates or even the kind of person we are. Nail biters tend to be worriers, after all! So just imagine the kind of story you could tell through nail art. We’re here to help you tell yours.

What your nail art says about you

Your nails can reflect your personality. They can be bright and colorful or dressed in more subtle tones. They can be sharp and sassy or short and neat. You can really let yourself shine through your nails, from the style you choose to keep them in or the polish – if any – that you use.

This goes a whole step further with nail art. Choose from swirly and abstract designs or a funky, monochrome print. Add a little paw print if you’re an animal lover or a cute heart if you’re feeling close to someone. Your nail art needn’t be flashy, either – you can keep it as simple as you like.

Top nail art ideas

Go seasonal

Your nail art can reflect your mood, your circumstances and even the time of year. So whether you’re sprucing up for Christmas or getting in the mood for fall, there’s bound to be a nail art pattern out there to suit the festivities. Even if it’s a gloomy, rainy day where you are, try painting little suns on your nails. You’ll feel brighter in minutes!

Do it yourself

You don’t need to spend a fortune on salons to get creative with nail art. Simply apply a coat of your favorite color and allow it to dry. Next, use a gel pen to paint a cool design on your nails (black works best) and voilà – gorgeous nails in no time!

Use props

Applying thin nail tape just at the top of your nail is great for those straight lines. Painting a plastic wrapper with gold or silver polish, then dabbing it onto your nails creates a fab ‘marbled’ effect. You can even use a hole puncher and tape to create your own stencils and shapes for amazingly creative nails. When it comes to nail art, there’s so much you can do…and having the right props to hand lets your ideas become reality.

Psst…A cotton bud is the perfect prop for during and after your nail art application – no more smudges!

Don’t forget to mind your hands

We’ve shared some handy tips on nail art application – but the real secret to having great nails is taking care of your hands. Why? Because healthy hands lead to healthier, stronger nails. In other words, the perfect canvas for you to let your creativity shine!

So go ahead. Bring out the polish and the props…and let your nails tell your story.