Kigali prenatal massage

What to expect from a Kigali prenatal massage

We all know – at least, we should – the joys of having a massage. Getting a good old rubdown relaxes our minds, loosens our stiff joints and relieves the tension we carry around daily. We go from having a tight neck, sore shoulders and aching back to feeling fitter, freer and healthier. And if a massage can bring such bliss on an ordinary day, imagine what it can do for you if you’re heavily pregnant? Ladies, welcome to the magic of a Kigali prenatal massage!

What’s a Kigali prenatal massage?

Glad you asked. A Kigali prenatal massage is a treat for you and your soon-to-be little one. It helps your external body by relieving back pain and soothing tired joints. It helps your internal body by improving circulation and blood flow. This is really important when you’re pregnant, as it can reduce labour complications, too! It also flushes out toxins from your body to keep your lymphatic system strong while boosting your overall health.

Finally, a Kigali prenatal massage is great for your mind – it soothes stress, improves sleep, boosts mood and generally re-energises you. Good news all round.

How is it different to a regular massage?

Well, first of all, a Kigali prenatal massage can be given with the client lying on her side, propped up by pillows.

Note: If you’re in the second half of your pregnancy, it is advised against lying on your back for a massage. So placing you on your side makes your Kigali prenatal massage experience the most comfortable, safest option.

Secondly, the aromatherapy oils that are used during the massage are chosen specifically with pregnancy in mind. Applying sweet almond oil in particular will help in relaxation while easing those tired muscles.

Finally, a Kigali prenatal massage is not for everyone. Check with your doctor if you have diabetes, have been experiencing morning sickness, have high blood pressure or are suffering from abdominal pain. If in doubt, you can always choose a deep neck and shoulder massage instead. This is a safe, sitting-up option that will still work wonders on combating fatigue.

How often is a Kigali prenatal massage recommended?

As often as you like, really! As long as your doctor has given you the all-clear, you can enjoy a Kigali prenatal massage whenever it takes your fancy. After all, regular prenatal massages can relieve insomnia, joint and back pain, leg cramping and sciatica. So treating yourself every so often – or very often – has all kinds of benefits!

Hopefully now you know a bit more about what to expect from a Kigali prenatal massage. So when you’re expecting, you’ll have yet another gift to look forward to!