To wax or to shave…which is better?

Tea or coffee. Staying in or eating out. Sometimes it’s an easy call to make. But when it comes to shaving or getting a wax, well, that’s a harder decision altogether. There are many people on Team Shave and many others on Team Wax.

Here are a few arguments in favour of each:

The benefits of a shave

1. It’s cheap: Although proper razor blades can set you back a bit, they do last for quite a while. So shaving every few days and replacing your blades every couple of weeks may not work out as expensive as a going for a monthly wax.

2. It’s fast: You don’t need to book in for a wax appointment or travel further than your own bathroom. When you have a hair emergency, shaving is a quick and easy way to get rid of it.

3. It’s painless: Unless you manage to nick yourself, shaving is a pretty pain-free procedure. This can depend on where you shave though; if it’s the bikini line, you’ll be much more prone to redness and irritation than after a wax. What seems like the easy option now can be harder in the long run.

The benefits of a wax

1. Smoother skin: Let’s face it – the results of a shave simply aren’t as silky smooth as a wax. By the next day, that irritating stubble might already be back in full force. Meaning your legs will feel less like satin, and more like sandpaper.

2. Lasting results: Getting a wax means softer, hairless skin for days and even weeks after your treatment. You needn’t put up with stubborn stubble or the nasty shaving rashes that shaving can lead to, either. Take care of your skin for the 24 hours after your wax and you’ll have great, longer-lasting results.

3. Professional care: While doing the work yourself might seem more convenient, you get what you pay for…which may not exactly be an outcome of the highest standards! Booking a wax, however, means that you’re taken care of by trained therapists. You can rest assured that they know what they’re doing. They use top-quality products as well as their expertise to ensure your maximum comfort and satisfaction.

4. Less effort: Ok, so you do have to make and go for the appointment in the first place. But getting waxed is actually less effort in the long run. You don’t have to do it every few days thereafter; it lasts for weeks! This is especially convenient if you’re going on a holiday as you won’t have to worry about prickly legs every time you go to the beach. Plus, the therapist can reach areas you might struggle with yourself. And you don’t have to put up with shaving cuts, either!

Shave vs wax: the verdict

If you need a quick fix for short hairs on that night out, give those pins a shave. But if you have the patience to let the hair grow a little and want better-quality, longer-lasting results…well then, a wax is definitely your best bet.