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How to make your home a beauty salon

It’s Friday night. While bars and clubs around you are filling up with thirsty patrons, all you want to do is relax. After a stressful working week, you might feel in need of some pampering – but you don’t think you can face a trip to your local beauty salon.

We all have evenings like these; when we change into our pajamas right after work and don’t plan on leaving the house until morning. But you don’t need to sacrifice those treatments you crave. You can simply bring the beauty salon to you.

What you need for a DIY beauty salon

Really, you don’t need much more than a good-quality facemask, a manicure kit, and a few other things to create that beauty salon ambience. Some candles, your favourite essential oil or a stick of incense can go a long way!

Step 1: Get out of work mode

When you get inside, turn your ‘work mind’ off. Set your phone on silent or switch it off completely, if you dare! Change out of your work outfit into comfy clothes or pajamas…or, if you truly want that beauty salon feeling, a fluffy dressing gown and slippers!

Step 2: Create the right atmosphere

Light those candles, put on some soothing music and diffuse a relaxing essential oil like lavender to get rid of any post-work anxiety. Have a long soak in the bathtub to unwind fully and enjoy this time to yourself. You’ll feel like you’re in a beauty salon already.

Step 3: Start your treatments

Now that you’re feeling comfy, clean and calm, it’s time for your DIY treatments! Start by applying the homemade facemask of your choice. Next, place some cold and wet teabags over your eyes…then sit back and relax for ten minutes before cleansing with a damp, warm facecloth. The teabags will add a sparkle to your eyes whilst moisturising the skin underneath. So it’s goodbye tired, puffy eyes and hello to a rejuvenated you! Sometimes there is no need for beauty salon products; what you have in your kitchen cupboards will do.

Next, it’s nail time! Use a file, push down those cuticles and apply a moisturising oil like almond oil to the base. Then apply two coats of your favourite polish or, if your hands feel steady enough, why not try a French manicure? The trick here is a lot of patience. Wait for your nails to dry fully before applying the second coat. They wouldn’t rush the treatment in a beauty salon, so nor should you in your home.

Summing up…

You don’t need to book a treatment elsewhere to get that beauty salon experience. What’s more, you can get your friends involved and have a great girls’ night in! Swap tips, try out treatments on each other and you might not miss your beauty salon at all.

Still, sometimes it’s nice to let people take care of you, to surrender to the experience and to not have to do a thing. In these cases, check out your nearest beauty salon. Book something that you couldn’t do on yourself, like a back massage, and enjoy being truly spoiled.

You deserve it!