3 things that reflexology can say about you

If you’re new to reflexology, you may not know what it involves. Isn’t it just a foot massage?

Actually, reflexology offers so much more than pampered paws. The Chinese traditional form of medicine maintains that certain points on the soles of your feet correspond to other parts of the body. The heel, arches and ball are like a body map. And by going for a reflexology treatment, you can boost its overall health.

What can reflexology reveal about your body?

Well, quite a lot, really. From improving organ function to relieving period pain, reflexology offers a lot of benefits for our bodies and minds. Here are just 3 things it can say about you, and how it can help with whatever issues that arise:

1. Whether you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

The area that corresponds to the digestive system lies in the soft part of your foot, between the ball and the heel. If it’s tender to the touch, that can indicate congestion. By massaging this area during the reflexology treatment, your therapist can relieve this congestion.

2. Whether you get migraines

Believe it or not, your big toes say a lot about you – as they contain your head and brain glands, plus your neck reflexes. In fact, the tips of the rest of your toes correspond to the head, brain and sinus reflexes, too. So if you suffer from sinus-related headaches, your reflexology therapist can work his/her magic to ease any pain.

3. Whether you’re feeling stressed

If you’re experiencing feelings of fear, anger or anxiety, the ball of your foot reveals these emotions pretty quickly. So your reflexology therapist will focus on this area when trying to relieve stress. Also, your adrenal gland – the part of your body that gives a ‘fight or flight’ reaction during times of stress or danger – links to a tiny area beneath the big toe, just under the ball of the foot. If you’re relaxed, this area will feel soft and squishy. If you’re the opposite, it will feel like a hard lump and could be quite a painful part of your reflexology treatment. Make it through the initial pain though, and you will feel a lot better afterwards!

Why not give it a go?

It’s clear that reflexology can reveal a lot about us. So if you’re feeling rundown or stressed, try something different before turning to your usual medicine. Book a reflexology treatment and see what it says about your body.

In fact, you can even try it on yourself! So if you have problems with digestion, rub the area between the ball and the foot. If you have a headache, work with the tips of your toes and if you’re feeling anxious, try manipulating that adrenal gland spot.

You don’t have to be an expert in reflexology to enjoy its benefits. Just learn the map to your own body and you can start to heal yourself.