Hot stone massage in Kigali

3 reasons for a hot stone massage in Kigali

Ancient medics around the world used to heat stones from riverbeds to treat the body. Practitioners of Indian Ayurvedic medicine and Chinese traditional medicine have used this form of massage for centuries. The pioneers of the treatment understood the healing qualities of these stones. And, thanks to them, we now have hot stone massage in Kigali.

What is a hot stone massage in Kigali?

The modern treatment normally lasts for an hour. During this time a therapist rubs and presses smooth, warm stones on key areas along the body to relieve tension. He or she then places them along the spine whilst working on different areas such as the legs and arms. So a hot stone massage in Kigali includes all the benefits of a relaxing, full-body massage…plus so much more!

It may not sound like the most relaxing thing in the world – but don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it. There are plenty of reasons to get a hot stone massage in Kigali, but here are the top 3:

A hot stone massage in Kigali…Boosts circulation

In Hawaii and North America, hot lava rocks used to star in “sweat lodges”, probably quite similar in makeup to modern saunas. What’s more, Native Americans used to rub hot stones against the abdomen to relieve cramps; much as we might use a hot water bottle to reduce period pain today.

Do you experience blood flow problems? Do you constantly have cold hands and feet? Or do you suffer from menstrual cramps? If so, a hot stone massage in Kigali could offer some sweet relief.

A hot stone massage in Kigali…Relieves aches and pains

As well as providing relief in the cramping department, a hot stone massage in Kigali can work wonders with muscular discomfort. Like rubbing Tiger Balm (or a similar heat-producing ointment) on the area, the hot stones soothe strain away. As your therapist gently rubs the stones into areas of tension, you’ll feel any pain ebb slowly from your body.

And the effects will linger long after the treatment, when you start to notice increased mobility without the wincing!

A hot stone massage in Kigali…Combats stress

Is tension more apparent in your mind than your body? Don’t worry, a hot stone massage in Kigali can help with that, too! First of all, you’d be getting an hour-long massage, which is relaxing enough in itself. But the stones also draw out toxins from the body. Meaning you’ll get off the table feeling lighter, healthier and less weighed down by negative energy.

It will literally feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders! So you can say goodbye to stress and leave it on the massage table.

Book your hot stone massage in Kigali today…

Embrace the new sensation, enjoy the healing effects and rock on with a healthier, happier you.