Aromatherapy massage in Kigali

Your guide to aromatherapy massage in Kigali

Thinking of going for an aromatherapy massage in Kigali? Want to know how your day might play out? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Because here’s where you can learn how to make the most of your pampering day, starting with your aromatherapy massage in Kigali.

How to start your day:

7am: Rise and shine

Ok, it might seem early but you have an aromatherapy massage in Kigali to look forward to! Wake up early and start your day with half an hour of meditation, followed by some gentle yoga stretches. This is a great way to energise your mind and body for the day ahead.

9am: Dine out in style

Once you’ve washed and dressed yourself for your day out, it’s time to treat yourself to a nice breakfast in one of Kimihurura’s great bakeries. Relax with a newspaper and take a time out over a tasty pastry and fruity smoothie. Resist the urge to get a coffee if you can – the aim is to fully relax during your aromatherapy massage in Kigali, so leave the stimulants until afterwards!

Time for your treatment!

11am: Prepare to be pampered

Now that you’ve had a long breakfast and a stroll around Kimihurura, it’s time to continue your relaxing morning – with a nourishing, soothing aromatherapy massage in Kigali. This one-hour treatment incorporates long, gentle strokes and the highest-quality essential oils to ease you into a state of pure bliss.

Under the care and guidance of a trained therapist, you’ll start to feel any tensions or stresses melt away. The pressure of an aromatherapy massage in Kigali is quite gentle; but if you’re looking for a deeper massage, your therapist will be happy to adjust the treatment to your preferences.

12pm: Savour the moment

If you happen to have fallen asleep on the table (don’t worry, it happens!), it’s time to gently rouse yourself and move outside to the garden area. Here you can enjoy a cup of herbal tea and admire the lush greenery from the comfort of an ornate gazebo. In your own little slice of paradise, feel the relaxing effects of your aromatherapy massage in Kigali continue.

What to do after your aromatherapy massage in Kigali…

1pm: Take the peace with you

Whatever you have planned next, try to mindfully bring that sense of calm with you. Whether you’re meeting friends for lunch or picking up the kids or heading back to work, your aromatherapy massage in Kigali can stay with you long after you leave the table. Remember to drink plenty of water, be kind to yourself by not exerting yourself too much and get to bed early.

And after that? Well, you can start looking forward to your next aromatherapy massage in Kigali!