beauty salon in Kigali

What to find at your beauty salon in Kigali

When you decide to treat yourself, you want to make it worth your while. You want to visit a place that offers all the services you need, right under one roof. And, unlike many other establishments, there’s one beauty salon in Kigali that does just that. It’s called Zenora Wellness Spa, and it has everything you need to be truly pampered.

This beauty salon in Kigali is a sanctuary

Far more than your average beauty salon in Kigali, Zenora encompasses the luxury and peacefulness of a spa. It can be your sanctuary away from busy city life, a place where your troubles melt away.

Feel instantly at home with a warm welcome, enjoy the lush greenery all around you and relax. Leave the stresses of the day outside as soon as you step through the door.

Choose from a wide range of treatments

If your visit to the beauty salon in Kigali is to spruce up before an event, you’ve come to the right place. From manicures and pedicures to any waxing treatments you need, you’ll be spoiled for choice! Get rid of unwanted hair, keep those fingers and toes pretty and you’ll be ready for whatever fabulous function awaits you.

After all, one of the reasons to visit a beauty salon is to enhance your beauty. And this beauty salon in Kigali will help you do just that!

Relax and unwind

Maybe your next visit to a beauty salon in Kigali has nothing to do with appearance. Maybe you just want to relax. In that case, Zenora has you covered, too.

Choose from a range of deeply soothing massages – from Hot Stone to Aromatherapy to Deep Tissue and more – and enjoy a blissful, nourishing hour on the table.

No beauty salon in Kigali would be complete without a signature facial; and Zenora’s one will leave you glowing! Get expert advice and a rejuvenating treatment from a highly trained therapist and leave the salon a new person.

Want to mix ‘n’ match?

If you’re finding it too hard to choose between all the amazing treatments at your beauty salon in Kigali, don’t worry – you don’t have to! You can pick between a bunch of great packages instead. Mix it up with a massage, mani and pedi combo. Get your legs waxed, your nails filed…and your body rubbed as a reward!

Whatever package you go for, you’ll leave the beauty salon in Kigali with a spring in your step.

See you soon…

Now that you know what’s on offer at your beauty salon in Kigali, it’s time to swing by. Book into whatever treatment (or package) takes your fancy and get ready to be pampered!