French Manicure

Top 3 reasons for getting a French Manicure

The French are pretty classy people. There’s a reason why so many films are set in Paris, why magazines include the latest offerings by French designers, why we believe any salesman with a French accent. It’s because they ooze style. And that’s why we like to copy this style whenever we can… starting with a French Manicure.

What’s a French Manicure?

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past 20 years, you might be forgiven for not knowing what a French Manicure is! For those of you who don’t, a French Manicure involves spreading a clear or slightly pink polish on the majority of your nail, with a thin white line applied to the tip. It’s what all the celebs wear and it’s a great way to turn grubby-looking hands into a work of art!

Why should I get one?

If you’ve never had a French Manicure before, you’re missing out. Here’s why you should get one on your next trip to the beauty salon…

1) It’s a relaxing experience

Like any manicure treatment, getting a French Manicure is a great way to unwind. Sit back and let your therapist file, buff and polish your nails to perfection. Enjoy the feeling of nourishing oils on your fingertips. And relax further as your therapist applies the primary polish, then the white tip.

2) It gives the impression of longer nails

If you’re a nail-biter, a French Manicure can help you to hide the habit. Instead of chipped nail polish that reveals painful skin tags and stubby fingertips, this manicure gives the illusion of slim fingers topped by immaculate nails.

Depending on the expertise of your therapist, that thin white line can even give the illusion of longer-looking nails. So if you’re normally ashamed of flashing your fingers, you needn’t be anymore! Get that French Manicure and prepare to dazzle.

3) It dresses up any look

Whether you’re in a slinky dress or your gym clothes, a French Manicure adds a touch of instant style. Who knew that the key to glamour could be in (or rather on), your very own hands?!

For an ultra-sophisticated look, complement your nails with an all-black outfit. Your little black dress, or dark skinny jeans and a top; whatever you like! The muted colour will offset your nails further and help your manicure get the attention it deserves.

Get ready to nail it!

Now that you know the benefits of getting a French Manicure, it’s time to hit the beauty salon. Add a spritz of your favourite perfume, adopt a haughty expression and wear as much black as you possibly can.

You’ll be ready for the streets of Paris before you know it!