Massage near me

My 3 favorite times to go for a massage near me

Avoiding burn-out with a massage near me

I’ve lived in Kigali for the past two years. And it’s a pretty exciting city; fast-paced, hectic, and certainly never dull. But in all the chaos that comes with city life, it’s important to find some time to relax. I love to do this by going for a massage, at certain times especially. So here are 3 times that I’ll definitely seek out a massage near me:

When I’ve been working too hard

I’m a freelance photographer, who is so passionate about my work that I often take on too much. 50-hour weeks, no such thing as a weekend, for maybe a month or two at a time. It’s a fast way to burn out. So when I catch myself being especially stressed out after a big project, what do I do?

That’s right: I search for a massage near me. Finding that elusive thing – a massage near me that isn’t too expensive, that’s in a lovely setting and that actually eases tension – took a while. But I eventually found it at Zenora Wellness Spa, an oasis of calm in the district of Kimihurura.

When I’m having a girls day out

Sometimes it’s great to go for brunch with friends or for a few drinks. Other times I like catching up with them at the gym. But sometimes I love to have a girlie trip to a place that’s calm and quiet. Where we get pampered and barely talk except to say how relaxed we are afterwards. In these cases, I book a massage near me and get my best friends involved. Usually that massage near me turns out to be the massage near them, too!

When I’m rewarding myself

Say I’ve wrapped up a major shoot. Or I’ve completed that marathon I’ve been training for all year. Or I’ve had my boyfriend’s parents over for a visit – for the past 6 weeks – and I definitely need a break!

As a reward for my good behavior, I’ll book a massage near me immediately. It’s temptation bundling, a term which behavioral economists use to basically explain how we can bribe ourselves into better habits. I work hard, exercise often and live as healthy a life as possible. But I do treat myself now and then, especially in times of stress. And I “bundle” a massage near me with these stressful times to make them… well… less stressful!

Still, I’d never turn down a massage near me

These are my favorite times to go for a massage near me, true. But I might also book one before a night out. Or when my boyfriend’s away for the weekend and I’ve got time on my hands. Or if I have an occasional day off. The thing is, a massage near me is welcome anytime. It’s probably why I don’t get stressed out by the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And why I appreciate Kigali – and Zenora Wellness Spa – so very much!

Julie is a photographer living and working in Kigali. She loves good wine, great food and – unsurprisingly – spa days!