massage rooms

Great massage rooms should tick these 3 boxes…

Massages are supposed to be relaxing. Reinvigorating. Restorative. They serve a much bigger purpose than simply relieving tired muscles; the whole experience should leave you feeling deeply nourished. That’s why massage rooms – the place where you get your massage – should be pretty special. And how do they achieve this?

Massage rooms should be the following…

1. Dimly lit

Massage rooms that feature fluorescent lighting just won’t cut it. They’re supposed to be calming environments, after all. And nothing screams wakefulness like harsh bright lights. Good massage rooms, on the other hand, will have soft, muted lighting. They might include candles or salt lamps, or different rotating shades of colour. The result being that you feel instantly calm as soon as you step inside one of these massage rooms. And if you happen to fall asleep while you’re on the table, well, even better!

Think of the environment like a baby’s nursery. It should promote feelings of restfulness and calm as soon as you enter. And much of these feelings depend on the lighting that’s used.

2. Warm and cosy

There’s nothing worse than being cold when you’re getting a massage. How are you supposed to relax when your feet feel like ice?! That’s why most massage rooms will turn off the air con during your treatment. If you feel overheated you can ask for it to be switched back on, but usually you’ll be so cosy that you’ll find the temperature just right. Some therapists even apply hot towels to each of your feet, furthering your relaxation even more. Bliss.

Some of the best massage rooms, in hot countries anyway, will simply have a stand-up fan. They can position this near your head and turn it on a low setting. That way, you get a gentle breeze without the discomfort of cold feet!

3. Soundproof

If you have to put up with the noises of construction outside, or traffic, or people chatting in reception… it isn’t the most relaxing experience! No, stepping into these massage rooms should allow you to leave the stresses and noises of the outside world behind.

You should feel like you’re entering a sanctuary, a safe haven, upon entering your treatment room. And they’ll often play very relaxing, Zen-like music, to create this soothing atmosphere. You shouldn’t be disturbed by external noise whatsoever during your treatment. Which is why decent massage rooms will have thick walls to block out whatever’s going on outside them.

So next time you’re on the hunt for some great massage rooms, make sure they tick the above 3 boxes. They should feature soft lighting, a warm ‘n’ cosy environment and relaxing music (with no added sound effects!). If you find massage rooms that fulfil these needs, you’re in luck. Book your treatment and enjoy your massage!