Couples massage

3 best times for a couples massage

Going for a massage is always a good idea. If you want to destress, release tired muscles or simply treat yourself, it’s a pretty great plan. And going for a couples massage makes for a fun, different and special activity. Something you can enjoy together. Something that will bring you closer. And something that makes you both feel good, long after you’ve left the spa.

There’s lots of great times you can book a couples massage, but here are the top 3:

When you should go for a couples massage…

When you’ve had a fight

What better way to say “I’m sorry” than to surprise your partner with a couples massage? It’s a kind and thoughtful gesture. It’s something they might not necessarily buy for themself. And most importantly, it relaxes and soothes both of you. So any remaining negative feelings you might have suddenly melt away. You’ll emerge from the couples massage feeling rested, restored…and ready to make up!

When it’s a special occasion

A couples massage makes a great gift. Whether it’s Christmas, your partner’s birthday, Valentine’s Day or your anniversary, you really can’t go wrong with a couples massage! And the great thing is, you can mix it up to keep things interesting. Try going to a new place each time, or getting a different kind of couples massage each time.

So it might be a hot stone massage in those cold winter months, or an Indian head massage to help you cool down in the summer months. Either way, going for a treatment together is a wonderful, bonding experience. One that you won’t forget.

When it’s a stressful time

They say that getting married, moving house and having a baby are the most stressful times in a person’s life. (Well, getting divorced is too…but let’s not get into that just now!)

So in the run-up to your wedding, after you’ve unpacked those boxes and once your baby is old enough for a sitter…why not treat yourselves to a couples massage? You may have been stressed to the max beforehand but if you can just switch off for 30-60 minutes, the benefits will come. Allow yourself to relax and unwind during the couples massage, feel your stresses melt away and leave your treatment like the happy, positive couple you know you can be.

Enjoy your treatment!

Book in for a massage when you’ve had a fight, when it’s a special occasion or when you’re feeling stressed. But actually, you can really enjoy a couples massage whenever you like. Why look for an excuse to get pampered?!

So go and treat yourself – and each other.