local massage

3 reasons to choose a local massage

There’s nothing quite like the simple pleasure of having a decent massage. It soothes your body, mind and spirit. It eases any pain or tension you might be feeling. And it’s a different activity to do in your evenings instead of watching TV! Going for a massage is a great idea. But going for a local massage is an even better one.

Here’s why you should book a local massage…

(As opposed to booking one that’s not in your immediate area)

It’s convenient

You’re meant to be de-stressing, after all. So travelling across town in rush-hour traffic to reach your massage is not the best way to relax! Instead, you’ll arrive at your appointment feeling wound up and unable to settle down. And no matter how great the therapist is, you’ll still get less out of the treatment than if you’d gone for a local massage.

So take the simple option. Find a local massage, whether that’s local to your home or your work, and give it a try. Because when it comes to relaxation, convenience is key!

Your loyalty might be rewarded

If you book a local massage, it’ll take you less time to get there. So you might be able to go for a treatment once, or even twice, a week. Not only is this a great way to keep you stress-free, going to the same centre regularly means you can build up a relationship with the staff there.

They’ll learn exactly how you like your local massage; from the room temperature to the pressure to any areas you want your therapist to focus on. Plus, if you get a local massage quite often, some salons will offer a loyalty scheme. And you know what’s even better than getting a massage? Getting a free one every so often!

You can get friends involved

Massages have been proven to improve our mood and even to help fight depression. So isn’t going for a local massage a much healthier, more positive activity to do with your friends than say, going to a local bar? While alcohol is a depressant, massages leave you feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and restored. OK, you mightn’t get the same chats in as you could over a few drinks – but you could go for a nice ‘n’ healthy lunch after your treatment. Bring the glow of that local massage with you and enjoy some great conversations with a more positive world outlook. The perfect girls’ day out!
Stay smart. Stay local.

So the next time you’re thinking of things to do in your area, cast your mind wider than the local pub, or the gym, or the cafe. Do something different instead and go for a local massage. You won’t regret it.