Kigali leg waxing

Top tips for your Kigali leg waxing

It’s a hot summer. You’ve got your legs out. And the last thing you want to have is stubbly pins… so you decide a Kigali leg waxing is in order!

But if you do book in for a Kigali leg waxing, you’ll want to get the most out of the experience. To get value for your money. And to leave your Kigali leg waxing with long-lasting results. This article will show you how to do all of these things; read on to find out more.

Preparing for your Kigali leg waxing: Essential tips

Let it grow

Start by making sure you’re ready for a Kigali leg waxing in the first place. If you just have light stubble on your legs, there’s no point. The wax won’t be able to cling onto any hair and you’ll just be wasting your money. Instead, make sure you have at least 2 weeks’ growth; the hair should be 0.5cm long or more.

Choose your time carefully

To minimise pain and discomfort, don’t book your Kigali leg waxing when your skin might be at its most sensitive. (For instance, after a big night out or around your period). Instead, arrange a treatment when you’re in peak condition. If you have a very low pain threshold, check out these tips to make your experience more bearable.

Get a patch test

Even if you’ve had a Kigali leg waxing before, this is a really important tip to remember. Because the wax that one salon uses, which you don’t have any reaction to, could be a different brand to another salon. And you could find yourself going on holiday, or on that hot date, with blotchy, irritated legs. Not a good look!

So make sure to be aware if you have allergies to certain brands before your Kigali leg waxing. And avoid booking your treatment right before a special event… just in case.

Scrub in

Exfoliating your legs 24 hours before your treatment can make your Kigali leg waxing a) less painful and b) more effective. Your skin will be smoother, they’ll stay softer for longer and in short, they’ll make your trip to the salon worth the effort!

Aftercare advice…

If you’ve followed the above preparation tips, there’s not a whole lot left to do. Just remember: Don’t shower or bathe in hot water for 24 hours after your wax. Cooler water is ok! Also avoid rubbing any perfumed products on the area and wear loose clothes to avoid irritation. Finally, keep clear of direct sunlight or sunbeds and you won’t get any nasty rashes!

Your therapist will probably explain these aftercare tips after your Kigali leg waxing anyway, but they’re always useful to bear in mind.

So next time your pins are in need of a Kigali leg waxing, follow these tips for the great experience you deserve!