Whether you’re looking for relaxation or remedial treatment, our different types of massages will revitalize your body, soul and mind.


Because of the abundance of muscles in the human body and importance they contribute to overall health, getting a professional massage from a trained, qualified, and experienced masseuse is extremely important.


Human muscles, which make up almost half of our body weight, are prone to injury, fatigue, bruises and strains. Owing to the heavy work they help us do, our body muscles can get achy and sore. A good massage session always helps heal sore muscles, restoring them to their optimal state, making you feel fresher and more rejuvenated than ever. Massage therapy is a vital component of healthy living and overall wellness in life.


For the massage therapy to be effective, it has to be handled by professionals with the right skills and experience in the field. It is a delicate job that has to be done with extreme care. When considering where to get a massage, make sure to choose a reputable professional with a good record and excellent training. At Zenora, you can get all of these!


We take pride in offering top-notch professional massage services to satisfy the needs of our clientele. All of our masseuses have been trained by European professionals and have extensive experience offering massage services. Our main aim has always been to meet and surpass the expectations of all our clients.


In addition to highly qualified staff, we have heavily invested in massage facilities and professional equipment. Our strategic location in an upscale neighborhood gives the perfect serenity and ambience for you to heal. Here is the comprehensive list of massages that we offer:


Swedish Massage


We use our signature massage oil to perform this soft and relaxing Swedish Massage that is a client favorite! This is an excellent all-around massage that focuses on caring for the whole body.


Aromatherapy Massage


Our Aromatherapy Massage uses a special blended mixture of scented oils and aromas in our massage oil. These aromas are specially chosen in order to maximize relaxation and facilitate a peaceful experience for all of the senses. The massage usually starts on the back in order to optimize relaxation. At times, and depending on client preference, moderate pressure is applied on the entire body during the massage.


Deep Tissue Massage


For the Deep Tissue Massage, we use our signature massage oil and apply deep pressure all over the body. Light stretches can also be done in order to help maximize the result. Please keep in mind that we adjust the amount of pressure and concentrate on certain areas in accordance with the preference and needs of our clients.


Berber Massage


This massage takes place in a special room with a dimly lit candle and helps purify the body. Hot towels are laid on the lower half of the body to facilitate relaxation during the massage. The Argan oil used during this massage is beneficial in relaxing the muscles and rejuvenating the body, mind and soul.


Hot Stone Massage


Our Hot Stone Massages use warm, heated stones on the entire body throughout the session. It is an incredibly peaceful and therapeutic experience that helps with muscle aches, fatigue, exhaustion, blood pressure, stress, and much more.


Zenora Massage


Our signature Zenora Massage is the perfect blend of all of the massages we offer. Warm stones are placed on the back and stomach during the massage while we relax the body with our most effective strokes. This is the perfect massage for people who are having trouble deciding which massage to choose since it incorporates elements from each of the above massages.

Zenora Massages Kigali Rwanda

Massages can be found everywhere but excellent massages are hard to find, and this is what sets Zenora Wellness Spa apart from other spas in Kigali. Between quality of service and customer care, our massages are unmatched in Rwanda. Here is what makes our massages stand out:


Experienced and highly trained staff


We have an experienced team of highly trained and motivated professional practitioners to help us serve you better. From masseuses to customer service, our passionate staff are thoroughly trained and will offer the best possible service that guarantees to satisfy you. Trust them to advise you on the best massage that suits your needs and give you an unforgettable personal treatment because to us, you are special. We know the importance of massage therapy to the body and have always offered our services without compromising the quality of the service. We aim to give our clients first class service because they deserve it.


Top Quality Tools and Equipment


Let’s face it, no one wants to receive a massage in some dirty backroom with low quality products and uncomfortable equipment. Because we value your comfort and health and want the best possible results for you, we have invested in the best possible equipment and effective massage products. We import the equipment and products that are not locally available in order to make sure we have the best to serve you. From massage beds to massage oils and massage creams, we only use high-quality supplies. Trust them to work miracles on your body. Additionally, we are extremely hygienic and always make sure to keep the premise clean and tidy.


Serene Environment


For any therapy session to be effective, it has to be conducted in the right environment with the perfect setting to melt your stress and pain away. Our massage rooms are big enough to accommodate both individuals and couples. All rooms are fully equipped with all the tools needed for the massages we offer. We are situated in one of the best environments suited for this sort of business. The spa and therapy rooms are located in a calm part of an upscale neighborhood with ample parking and a vast, beautiful garden away from unwanted noise and air pollution. We always uphold the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness in our work stations. It’s the perfect spot for first class treatment.


Amazing Results Always


We have been doing this business for years. Along the way, we have harnessed the right skills and dexterity to guarantee excellent results any time you visit us. Whether you are looking to relax after a long day at work, looking to relieve stress or get remedial treatment, you can be assured of excellent results. Our massages will leave you feeling fresher, rejuvenated and revitalized. Therefore, it’s no surprise that our satisfied customers refer their family members and friends to us for massages. We have earned a reputation as the best massage in Kigali and are trusted.


Online Booking


All the massages we offer can easily be booked online. We have an easy-to-navigate online booking system to allow for prior booking from the comfort of your couch, or anywhere else. Feel free to have a look at out our services and make advanced bookings to get the massage best suited for you. Expect to receive confirmation and reminder emails from us once a massage has been booked. Alternatively, you can contact us today and make any inquiry. You are always welcome to visit Zenora Wellness Spa and join the ever-growing list of satisfied customers.

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