Waxing is one of the most efficient and popular methods of hair removal nowadays. If one wants to get rid of their underarm, lip, leg or hand hair for example, then professional waxing is certainly the best way to do so. Waxing is a semi-permanent epilation method that gets the hair removed by its roots. Depending on the individual’s hair growth cycle, waxing can keep a person hair free for a period of four to six weeks. After the regrowth of hair, an individual usually has softer and finer hair.


We offer unique services that cover for the needs of both men and women. Here is everything to know about our waxing services:


Full body


Are you looking for a new look? Or a way to revamp your appearance? If so, consider a full body wax as it can be the perfect form of hair removal for both men and women alike.




Eyebrows are a very important feature as they provide a frame for your face. At Zenora, we accent their natural size and shape with careful trimming and tweezing in order to create balance, symmetry, and harmony.


Lip and chin


It can be embarrassing for some to have upper lip hair. Since shaving can cause hair follicles, we ensure that our lip and chin waxing creates smooth, hairless and radiant skin.




We make sure that our clients get a smooth skin after this type of waxing.




We offer this service to ensure that clients have efficient hair removal on their back and have less discomfort.




It can sometimes be embarrassing to have belly hair but thanks to this particular waxing, clients can have their confidence boosted.




To avoid unfavourable circumstances, we provide experts and very hygienic conditions when doing this type of waxing.




We ensure hair removal of the front, back and the area in between. → 9 Tips before getting a bikini waxing.




Waxing under arm hairs can help improving an individual’s hygiene as well as regulating their body odor. We do our very best to leave our clients with smooth underarms after the procedure.


Half arm


Grooming is crucial for a lot of people. Some clients will prefer our half arm waxing to remove their hair since the procedure is faster and will last longer.


Full arm


Since a person cannot wax their full arms perfectly and efficiently giving each region requiring attention, we offer this service to ensure that our clients have an even, smooth and hair free arm.


Full leg


Keeping your legs in shape and hair free will make them look even more beautiful. In order to get that silk and smooth appearance, professional waxing is advised.


Half leg


Eliminating the thick hair from half the leg through waxing is important since it prevents stubble and does not cause sensitivity.


Full face


Our Full face waxing is done in a professional manner in order to give a smooth and hair free face for several weeks.

Zenora Waxing Kigali Rwanda

Benefits of professional waxing


No stubble


The hairs are usually cut off from the skin surface after shaving, and this leaves them blunt edged. When these hairs start to grow again, they grow as stubble. But when a person waxes, the whole hair shaft will be removed. So when it starts growing again, the hairs will grow naturally and leave no stubble.


Longer results


When the hair is removed by waxing, one can expect to have smooth skin longer. And since the whole hair shaft will be removed, it will need time to reform and grow. Depending on the individual’s genetics, hair growth may take at least two weeks before the hair has grown, compared to shaving, which can take only four days before growing again.




When waxing, the individual has control over the parts that are to be waxed or not. For example, in eyebrow waxing, the only part that will be waxed will be what the individual wants to wax. One can, therefore, shape them according to your need and desire.


Lesser hair


The more often someone waxes, the less hair they are going to have after regrowth. The follicle usually stops producing hair, and some people can even become hair free with continued waxing.




Compared to other hair removal options waxing is moderately priced and has long lasting results. It is important to keep in mind that great waxing is in the vast majority of cases done with premium waxing products and ingredients, so the price point can be higher.


How clients should prepare for waxing


When our clients wax, their top skin layer is removed so there can be a risk for bacterial infection. It is important therefore to clean the region to be waxed before the procedure. This is why our beauticians always sanitize the concerned areas before starting to work on them.


Our clients can also have a body scrub in order to remove the outermost old skin cells so as to avoid ingrown hairs. Having the right hair size is also important. The hair should not be extremely long or short because otherwise the wax will not stick well.


We do our best to deliver a painless procedure. With that being said, the pain level will depend on the following aspects:


  • Skin sensitivity.
  • Area being waxed.
  • Hormonal levels.
  • Coarseness of the hair.
  • Waxing frequency.